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What Google’s Mistakes Can Teach Us About Leadership

December 11, 2017


One of the things that Google is famous for is data-based decision making. When they want to find the most effective way to do something, they look at the numbers and work from there. However, even a company as married to analytics as Google is vulnerable to lapses and oversights. Recently, their data showed that […]

Bullies, Burgers, and Buzz

December 8, 2017


What do Whopper Juniors and bullying have in common these days? They are both being talked about. A LOT. Recently, Burger King released a three-minute video in honor of National Bullying Prevention month. The viral video revealed that 95 percent of customers were willing to report their smashed, “bullied” Whopper Jr., but only 12 percent […]

Ways to Protect Your Brand in the Real-Time Information Age

December 6, 2017


A brand is more than just a company logo, and it’s bigger than any one particular product or service. Instead, it’s the feeling that people get when they think about your company. It’s what goes into the instinct they have regarding whether or not to make a purchase. A brand is also massively important in […]

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance: Why Perspective Is Key

December 4, 2017


Work/life balance? No problem, right? But then those daily tasks start to add up and your nights start getting longer. You start going in on the occasional Saturday, then the “frequent” Saturday. Pretty soon you’re so bogged down with your “to-do” list that you can’t even think about taking that vacation with your family. Maintaining […]

3 Signs to Help You Identify if Your Market is Changing

December 1, 2017


So much of your marketing success depends on your ability to get the right message in front of the right people at exactly the right time. To accomplish this, you need to know your audience – and the market that they inhabit – as intimately as possible. But what happens if one day, suddenly and […]

Print Advertising Feels Like Printing Money

November 29, 2017


Wouldn’t it be great if you could print your own money? Life would be so much easier, right? Well, maybe not, but here’s a little secret that feels like printing money: print advertising. Print Advertising is Like Printing Money Good advertising can go a long way for your business. Sometimes it’s hard to explain what […]

Want to Be Successful? Take Time to Dream

November 27, 2017


One of the most famous dreamers of our time is Steve Jobs, the Co-founder and CEO of Apple, an iconic visionary who believed so deeply in the power of his dreams that he was able to bring them to life for millions of people. Jobs believed that the era of mediocrity was over and that […]