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If You’re Not Already Blogging, Now Would Be an Excellent Time to Start

September 20, 2017


Many people fail to realize just how important blogs are to a successful business because they still think about what blogs used to be. In the early days of the internet, many blogs were essentially “live journals.” If you wanted to read about what a trendy high school girl was having for lunch with her […]

Millennials Hate your Marketing — Here’s Why (and what you can do about it)

September 15, 2017


You’ve done it! You researched the young adult market, identified their buying power, and now that “just for millennials” campaign has launched and you’re waiting for the leads to roll in. But instead, nothing happens. What’s behind the lack of attention and response from this coveted age group? Adults under the age of 30 make […]

Boost Happiness Without Stress: How to Stop Multitasking

September 12, 2017


Have you ever felt as though you’re not as productive as you’d like to be, even when it seems as though you’re working all the time? Perhaps the problem is not the number of hours that you’re working, but instead, the focus that you’re bringing to each particular task. Studies have shown that multitasking can […]

How to Inspire Those Around You Like the True Leader You Were Meant to Be

September 8, 2017


Even business professionals with the best of intentions often make the mistake of assuming that solid leadership is about one thing and one thing only: delegating responsibility. You’ve worked hard your whole life and you’ve ascended through the ranks – now is the time when people should start listening to what you have to say, […]

Why Patience is One of the Most Important Qualities a Leader Can Have

September 5, 2017


The chasm between a leader and a great leader is a deep one. It is one that is often filled with qualities like clarity, decisiveness, courage, passion, and a healthy amount of humility given the circumstances. But one of the major qualities that is essential to leadership that people don’t talk about nearly enough is […]

Wish You Were More Productive? Try These 3 Tips!

September 1, 2017


Being productive means making room for the things you really want and uncovering new and innovative ways to work smarter, not harder. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier than you probably think it is. If you want to become more productive, here are a few key traits you should focus on. Take Frequent Breaks to Recharge […]