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What Are These New Facebook Reactions and What Do They Mean for My Business?

March 30, 2016


A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg treated his staff to a movie night. The film…Pixar’s Inside Out. The Facebook staff watched in confused amazement wondering who these emotions were and more importantly, where is the big, blue and white like-button thumb? A few individuals voiced what everyone else was thinking…wouldn’t it be swell if Facebook […]

Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Stop Killing Time and Start Investing Time

March 28, 2016


“The way we measure productivity is flawed. People checking their BlackBerry over dinner is not the measure of productivity.” – Timothy Ferriss At the end of each day, do you take stock of what you’ve done and feel as though you were constantly busy, but you can’t for the life of you figure out how […]

Tips for Getting Maximum Mileage Out of Your Marketing Content

March 25, 2016


Too many marketers look at the content they’re creating as “one and done.” You spend a huge amount of money designing the right print mailer, send it to all of the relevant people on your list, and then never think about it again, right? Wrong. The truth of the matter is that this content is […]

Anticipation is Your Friend: The Art of Teasing a Product or Service Before a Proper Launch

March 22, 2016


All of your print marketing materials should be designed to evoke an emotional response. Most of the time when you’re marketing a product or service, your goal is to convince people to spend money on what it is that you have to offer AFTER the fact. This is time consuming and isn’t always successful, especially […]

What Mountain Biking Can Teach You About Business Strategy

March 18, 2016


If you’ve ever been on a mountain bike and felt the exhilaration of barreling down some well-worn single-track, you’ve likely also felt the pain of crashing headfirst into a tree. I’ve done it myself. Actually cracked my helmet into three pieces. Like me, you might’ve sat there dazed, thinking, “what went wrong?” while you picked […]

How Social Media Changes Everything in Terms of Customer Engagement

March 15, 2016


Customer engagement has always been one of the primary contributing factors when it comes to strengthening a brand or growing a business, but this is especially true in an era where social media rules the day. The conversation between a business and its customers is more important than ever, but the actual mechanism through which […]

Typography and Your Brand: How the Way Your Message Looks Affects the Way It Feels

March 11, 2016


As a marketer, a huge amount of your time is spent crafting the perfect message to really grab hold of the attention of your target audience in a way that they will be unable to break away from. The words that you’re using are so important that many people fail to pay enough attention to […]