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Judging a Book by its’ Cover – How People Choose Products Based on Packaging

January 29, 2016


Kids and cats seem to have this well figured out. We’ve all seen or experienced first-hand the joy that kids and cats take in taking an “ordinary box” and making that product packaging into the most exciting plaything of all time. What they are instinctively telling us, without truly understanding for themselves, is this: if […]

Adaptation: The Happy Accident

January 27, 2016


One of the strange paradoxes of scientific discovery is that no matter how plodding and careful science is about most developments, some of the most astounding discoveries have occurred purely by accident. The most famous of these was the discovery of penicillin. This discovery only occurred because biologist Alexander Fleming took a vacation. Returning to […]

Sensitivity to People’s Needs

January 25, 2016


Doing business involves a product or service and a buyer and seller. In large part, it also involves the formation of relationships. The fact that some of them are quite temporary does not diminish the importance of these buyer-seller relationships. The objective, of course, is to limit the number of temporary relationships and increase those […]

Data Security in 2016 and Beyond: What Your Business NEEDS To Be Prepared For

January 22, 2016


We now live in an era where the vast majority of our personal and professional lives are playing out on the Internet. This is particularly true in terms of business, where cloud-based collaboration tools and hosting providers make it easier than ever to access our mission-critical documents from any location on the planet provided you […]

Get Your Business Headed in the Right Direction in 2016

January 19, 2016


The new year is a time of many things. Oftentimes, people look at it as a way to get a “fresh start” in their personal lives and work towards the goals they may have lost sight of in the previous year. The same concept can hold true for the world of business, but only if […]

Emotion in Print Marketing: What it Means and How to Do It Properly

January 15, 2016


In some ways, the most important goal of any piece of print marketing isn’t merely to act as an educational tool for your target audience. While conveying the message of what your product or service does and why they need it is integral to the success of your campaign, it is only one small part […]

Getting Out of Your Own Way

January 13, 2016


Brilliant author, philosopher, and speaker Alan Watts once published his autobiographical book, In My Own Way, the title of which is a play on words with alternate meanings. An extremely independent thinker, Watts clearly did things in his own inimitable way. The clever alternate meaning is probably more common for the rest of us, where […]