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What Children’s Dolls Can Teach Us About Marketing

May 29, 2015


Imagine overhearing a conversation between a little girl named Sarah and someone else you cannot quite identify. Sarah is addressing this other person, telling them to get dressed for the day and eat their breakfast quickly — they don’t want to be late for school. It sounds as though this other person doesn’t really want […]

4 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Your Offline Marketing

May 26, 2015


Do you think offline marketing is obsolete? It isn’t…not by a long shot. In fact, you need to pay just as close attention to your offline marketing as you do to your online marketing in order to achieve success. Used in conjunction with online marketing, offline marketing can help ensure your message gets across to […]

New Lessons from Seventh Grade Physics

May 20, 2015


The seventh grade physics class sat in their classroom eagerly listening to their teacher explain their next project. The class would be divided into 5 groups of 5 students. Each group would have three class sessions to design and test a small rolling car. They would all be given a variety of materials to use […]

Confusing Directions and Confusing Advertisements

May 15, 2015


Driving somewhere new always comes with a certain level of stress. Even with GPS, there are worries about getting lost, ending up in the wrong location, or otherwise having a bad experience. When someone gives you directions, whether you enter them into your GPS or they get scribbled down on a notepad, you expect them […]

Understanding How Consumers’ Brains Think

May 12, 2015


Interestingly, the part of the brain most responsible for making buying decisions isn’t the part that thinks logically. We make the majority of our decisions using what is commonly referred to as the “reptilian brain.” This part of the brain is programmed for survival. It’s perpetually evaluating choices based on the least possible harm to […]

Why Customer Service is One of Your Most Important Marketing Channels

May 8, 2015


When you think about all the different marketing channels you have at your disposal, they’re really all working toward the same goals, though in different ways. Each one helps to spread the word about your brand — or at least about a specific product or service you provide. Each channel also helps create new ways […]

How Social Media Can Help With Market Research

May 5, 2015


Anyone who has ever worked in marketing understands the value of market research. Solid research can teach you about your intended audience and what your customers are looking for, which will allow you to grow your company and position it for success. Imagine if nearly everything you needed to know about your customer base existed […]