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Building a House, Building a Marketing Campaign

April 28, 2015


Imagine building a house. Before you saw a single board or dig the footings for your foundation, you must first finalize your blueprints. Without plans telling you what your desired result should look like, you won’t be able to accomplish very much. You also need to make sure you have the tools to accomplish the […]

Business Lessons You Can Learn From Film and Television

April 24, 2015


Inspiration can come from many places. While it’s always important to look toward successful leaders to see what you can do to better yourself and your organization, you can also find tips in the most unlikely of places, including film and television. While certain fictional characters may seem like little more than “kids stuff” on […]

Transparency and Authenticity: Two Keys to Marketing Success

April 21, 2015


Trust is essential to success in today’s business world. It’s not enough to offer a terrific product or service. You need to back that offering with the type of high-quality brand experience people won’t find anywhere else. Doing so doesn’t just create customers — it creates advocates. It creates a legion of followers who are […]

How to Convince Customers You’re Worthy of Their Loyalty

April 15, 2015


Did you know that 71 percent of customers have stopped using a company because of the poor customer service they received? Did you also know that the average value of a lost customer is $243? Poor customer experiences cost companies money and seriously hurt the bottom line. No company can afford to just throw away […]

Local Marketing: The Biggest Weapon in A Mobile and Social World

April 10, 2015


Engaging with customers has always been the name of the game in marketing. Thanks to the Internet, target audiences are increasingly spread out. That isn’t to say the Internet hasn’t been a benefit to marketers. It unquestionably has. However, the Internet isn’t marketing’s final frontier. Far from it, actually. When you think about some of […]

Planning a Meal, Planning a Marketing Campaign

April 7, 2015


Imagine planning a special meal. You start by thinking about the different dishes you want to serve and how well they’ll go together. You try to choose flavors that complement each other and fit well with the occasion. You hope to create a delicious feast people will love and remember for months to come. The […]

How to Handle Customer Complaints Effectively

April 3, 2015


Few aspects of running a business can be more frustrating — or more expected — than customer complaints. It’s impossible for even the most successful companies to please every customer every time. Knowing how to handle customer complaints effectively and professionally can improve brand reputation and turn a disgruntled customer around. Listen and acknowledge the […]