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What Gardening Can Teach You About Marketing

March 31, 2015


Spring is in the air (or at least on the calendar), and people everywhere are starting to think about their gardens for the year. While gardening might not seem to have much to do with business, in reality, it has several lessons it can teach us about running a successful marketing campaign. Here are four […]

Take the Time to Get Positive Customer Reviews

March 27, 2015


If you’re like most business owners, you love seeing positive reviews come through your virtual door, but you don’t really go out looking for them. After all, how many customers actually respond to solicitations for reviews? Is it really worth the effort? It actually is. Consumers are depending more frequently than ever on reviews from […]

Hitching a Ride on the Bandwagon

March 24, 2015


Have you ever wondered why most brides wear white for their weddings? The white wedding gown became common after the wedding of Queen Victoria to Prince Albert in 1840. Before that, brides would wear a variety of different colors for their big days. Women would choose blue, yellow, black, or even brown for their wedding […]

4 Ways To Boost Your Email Success Rates

March 20, 2015


Email can be a powerful tool for reaching potential customers. After all, about 91 percent of customers have an email address they check at least one time per day. It’s a consistently reliable way for getting in touch with people who might be interested in what your company has to offer. Unfortunately, often one of […]

Translating a Study Abroad Experience Into Business Success

March 17, 2015


Studying abroad is a popular and honored tradition for many students as they go through college. If you had the opportunity to do so, you likely reveled in the opportunity to immerse yourself in a new culture. But while you were busy learning about new cultures, you were also learning some valuable insight about business. […]

Finding Your Niche in a Crowded Industry

March 13, 2015


The Internet has been an enormous asset when it comes to doing business. We now have the power to reach potential customers around the world. But while the Internet has given us incredible benefits, it has also produced one major drawback: competition. Thanks to the Internet, you’re likely competing with far more businesses than ever […]

Mastering Business Strategy at the Chess Board

March 10, 2015


The game of chess has a long and storied history. Early versions were played from about the 6th century, while the modern game has been played since the mid 15th century. Even as technology advances, chess remains one of the most challenging and educational games around. It’s been used to teach military strategy and to […]