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Blogging Can Be a Fantastic Promotion Tool Across Platforms

February 27, 2015


Building a successful blog is an excellent way to integrate your marketing campaigns across several platforms. Here are a few ways to use your blog to promote your business regardless of medium. With direct mail When you send direct mail, mention your blog to let people know it’s there for them to read and comment […]

Instilling School Spirit at Your Company

February 24, 2015


Many factors go into the decision about where to attend college. While majors, location, and ranking undoubtedly hold a high place, the experience of other students and the school’s reputation also play a crucial role. Schools must strike a careful balance between providing a rigorous academic environment, while at the same time offering an enjoyable […]

Marketing Lessons from Iconic Rock Bands

February 20, 2015


Few entities can inspire the kind of loyalty rock bands do. Think about performers like the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, and Phish, to name just a few. Groups like these have entertained generations of audiences and encouraged strong followings among their most devoted fans. Sure, their music plays a large part in building and […]

How to Build a Company Culture That Helps Marketing

February 17, 2015


As managers, we all strive to develop an atmosphere of success and teamwork. When you can develop a culture that respects those in your office and encourages success, you’ll notice many immediate benefits. Workers will become more motivated. Employees will feel valued and know the role they play in the success of the greater organization. […]

How Much Value Are You Providing Customers Online?

February 13, 2015


Imagine you’re a student struggling to understand a difficult concept in one of your classes. A friend who aced the class last semester offers to help but ends up just regurgitating the same information you already got from your notes. Frustrated, you ask if they can give you any insight that might help you better […]

Are You Neglecting This Valuable Source of Income?

February 10, 2015


When most people think of marketing, their minds automatically turn toward finding ways to attract new customers. In the process, they’re overlooking one key customer segment, and that could be costing them enormously. Who is this precious group? Their existing customers. Why existing customers are so critical It costs an estimated 6 to 7 times […]

How to Use Keywords to Get Attention

February 6, 2015


When it comes to developing content, few buzzwords are thrown around quite as much as “keywords.” While quality content remains by far the gold standard for SEO, keywords can be very helpful for guiding search engines and those making queries on them to relevant content on your website. Of course, figuring out what keywords to […]