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Applying the Lessons You Learned During Your First Weeks of College

September 30, 2014


Imagine it’s your first day of college. You enter campus, not knowing anyone. You find your way to your dorm room and review your class schedule and campus map to try and figure out where you need to go. You listen to the chatter of hundreds, if not thousands of new classmates outside your door. […]

Make Magic Happen with Aligned Sales and Marketing Teams

September 26, 2014


When your sales and marketing teams work together and are aligned in their goals and strategies, amazing things can happen for your organization. Studies have shown that companies with marketing teams and sales teams that work well together see as much as a 20 percent increase in annual revenue growth, and no one can afford […]

Business Lessons From The Great Gatsby

September 23, 2014


The Great Gatsby is considered an American classic. Its recent film adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio has only increased its popularity. Few students in North America made it through high school without reading the book, and the film only helped to bring the images of decadence to life. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s story takes place on Long […]

How to Say No to a Client

September 19, 2014


The idea of saying ‘no’ to a client can seem counter-intuitive. You’re trying to grow your business, after all. But there are times when speaking up and turning down a request or deciding not to work on a particular project might be good for your company’s long-term growth. The key is learning how to gauge […]

Is Traditional Outbound Marketing Dead?

September 16, 2014


For those who like to believe all the hype, it’s easy to think that outbound marketing is dead. After all, it’s rare to hear about marketing experts extolling the importance of direct mail. Instead, they’re usually talking about website conversion rates and developing content that will appeal to the reader. Don’t fall into this trap. […]

5 Ways To Get People To Pay Attention to Your Content

September 11, 2014


When it comes to writing marketing content for a company, few things are more frustrating than working hard to develop pieces only to have them largely overlooked. We’ve all been there: you write something you think is fantastic and eagerly watch your site statistics, only to see your content fail to give you the expected […]

Performing Regular ‘Checkups’ on Your Marketing Campaigns

September 9, 2014


Well-baby checkups are one of the most important health precautions new parents can take to ensure their child is growing properly and remains in good health. At these appointments, vaccines are administered, growth charts are established, and the overall health of the child is monitored. Within the baby’s first year, new parents will bring their […]