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Branding on a Budget: Four Steps for Brand Consistency

December 24, 2013


All companies can benefit from developing a consistent brand image. The brand definition and features may encompass everything from logos to color palettes to fonts, but it must be maintained consistently across marketing collateral, presentations, correspondence, and proposals. Your brand image may even influence your office d├ęcor, if you have logos or product photos as […]

Preparing a Sales and Marketing Plan for 2014

December 20, 2013


As the year draws to a close, many companies are preparing to review and develop their marketing plans for 2014. A solid marketing plan will articulate a vision for the company in the new year, including how the group is going to expand and what the revenue goals should be. Developing a solid plan requires […]

Why You Need to Call Your Leads Right Away… or Don’t Even Bother

December 16, 2013


In today’s ultra-competitive business landscape, your company is likely spending a good deal of money to generate leads and prospects for your products and services. Hopefully, these efforts are generating quality leads for your business. But what happens once those leads do contact you? You already know how important it is to follow up with […]

Does Your Advertising Have a Goal?

December 10, 2013


You know all about the importance of setting personal and business goals, but what about setting goals for your advertising? Such goals are also important to the success of your sales and marketing efforts. The three traditional goals of advertising are to inform, persuade, and remind. However, you should add one more goal to that […]

An Important Business Lesson from an 8-Year-Old Girl

December 9, 2013


There’s something undeniably different about this time of year — an almost palatable sense of wonder, excitement, joy, and possibility not always seen in our everyday routine. Amid the hustle and bustle of shopping, planning, and reconnecting with family and friends, we often find ourselves thinking back to seasons past — and forward to the […]

Community Care Marketing

December 6, 2013


If your business is looking for a creative way to increase name recognition and drive business, while at the same time giving back to your community and contributing to the common good, here are a few rewarding ideas to try: Distribute exclusive coupons for customers who bring a canned food donation to support the local […]

Using the Law of Reciprocity to Advance Your Business

December 3, 2013


In social psychology, reciprocity refers to the natural human tendency to want to return a favor — to give back after someone has shown generosity to you. You’ve no doubt experienced such times in your own life, when you’ve felt such a sense of appreciation for a kindness done that you felt inclined to respond […]