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Be Your Business

September 30, 2013


Every business would like to grow sales and profits. The future of the business and the livelihood of its employees depend on it. So, as business owners, we go to networking events, make phone calls, send out mailers, and even spend time on social media. Yet growing the business is never as easy or simple […]

Give Them Something They Can Believe In

September 27, 2013


In an increasingly noisy world, people are looking for businesses to believe in. The business world is filled with hype, over-commercialization, and marketing nobody can believe. Fortunately, there’s one simple, yet overlooked way your business can stand apart from the muddled masses: by having a strong company vision statement. A strong vision statement isn’t just […]

Marketing Is Just the First Step

September 26, 2013


The secret to increasing sales is simply to increase the marketing of your products and services. Or is it? There’s one other critical part of the puzzle that needs to be addressed in order to grow a business. Without this, all the marketing in the world won’t help. Marketing done correctly with channels like direct […]

Beating Your Competitors Using Non-Conventional Marketing Tactics

September 18, 2013


If you’re a small business, you have a noise problem. There are so many ads out there that your potential customers just block them all out. This means that most marketing campaigns are just a visual form of white noise that people instinctively ignore. So your have to find a way to stand out and […]

5 Words That Can Change Your Business

September 13, 2013


Behind the scenes of your business, you make products or deliver services. But on the front lines, where interactions with customers occur, you have to deliver more than that in order to have a dynamically growing company. You must deliver a promise and hope. The promise revolves around the benefits your actual products and services […]

How Success Breeds Confidence

September 11, 2013


Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who has been in the news recently but someone you may not know much about. He started his entrepreneurial career at the ripe old age of 12 by creating a simple video game and selling it for a profit. Since that early success, he has gone on to found Paypal […]

Does Your Business Have Religion?

September 6, 2013


Tom Watson, Sr., the legendary leader of IBM, reportedly said that in order for a company to become truly great, it needs religion. The kind of religion Watson was referring to is the idea that a great company needs to have core beliefs. It needs to have a unifying message that all employees adhere to. […]