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Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

July 30, 2013


What’s the ultimate competitive advantage in business and in life? It’s your ability to learn and (just as importantly) to quickly put what you have learned into action. “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” -Jim Rohn The first key is to understand that education is a lifelong process. […]

5 Keys to Getting Past the Gatekeeper

July 26, 2013


In business, the term “gatekeeper” refers to the person who has the authority to control access to the decision maker in the company. The gatekeeper guards and monitors traffic to the person in charge. In most companies, getting an appointment with the decision maker requires getting past the gatekeeper. Selling to the decision maker requires […]

What is Your Sales Process?

July 25, 2013


You may have the greatest service or product in the world, but if you can’t sell it, how much good will that do? The good news is that small improvements in your selling can have exponential effects on your bottom line. Focusing on the factors that can increase your selling efficiency or selling effectiveness will […]

How Far Would You Go For a Customer?

July 23, 2013


There’s a story told of a middle-aged man and a teenage boy who checked into a hotel together while traveling. The staff noticed that both seemed quiet and somber and that the boy appeared pale. That evening, the two had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Again, they seemed unusually quiet, and the boy barely touched […]

Optimism, Poetry, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

July 19, 2013


Optimism is not a trait born necessarily out of good fortune. Edgar Guest was 11 years old in 1893 when his father lost his job. Barely a year earlier, the family had emigrated from Birmingham, England, to Detroit, Michigan. Now, young Edgar had to take on odd jobs in a still unfamiliar land to help […]

Are You a High-Margin Business?

July 16, 2013


Achieving profit is the real goal of being in business. Profits are what allows a business to invest and grow. Some businesses have higher profit margins than others. That can be due to the type of industry, the competitive landscape, and economic conditions. There’s often a direct correlation between the margins a business can charge […]

Are You Strategic or Are You Tactical?

July 10, 2013


Strategic planning and thinking are critical to success in business — and in sales. Strategic thought focuses on the big picture. It looks at building sustainable, long-term relationships with clients who can benefit from what you have to provide. Tactical thinking, however, focuses on the here and now. It cares only for making the quick […]