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Why Sales Should Be Your #1 Priority

June 28, 2013


One of the keys to a successful business — and a fulfilled life in general — is to not only have a plan but to also have forward momentum pushing you in the direction you want to go. Many times, the problem in moving forward isn’t the goal but the struggle to generate the drive […]

How to Be the Master in Your Field

June 25, 2013


Pablo Picasso created paintings the world has marveled at for decades. Looking with awe at these masterpiece creations, it would be perfectly logical to imagine that the distinctive brush strokes were made by someone with a natural gift — a gift not achievable by most. Although Picasso’s talent is undeniable and his style unmistakable, that […]

Do You Have Customers or Clients?

June 21, 2013


Most business owners and company executives use the terms “customers” and “clients” interchangeably without fully realizing that there is a meaningful difference between the two. Understanding the distinction and setting your plans accordingly can help you build and grow a more profitable business. Let’s start with the definition of each term according to the dictionary. […]

Introducing: Your Next Sales Super Achiever

June 18, 2013


We all want to increase sales and grow our businesses. We also know that hiring and grooming a sales superstar is one surefire way of achieving those goals. Unfortunately, finding and retaining a sales superstar is a difficult task. Until you find the secret to make that a reality, here’s an alternate path to consider […]

How to Grow Your Business During Any Economy

June 14, 2013


While the economy seems to be slowly recovering, it’s far from smooth sailing, and many businesses are still struggling to find firm footing. Even so, you don’t have to look hard to find businesses that are thriving. What’s the secret behind these companies that the struggling ones haven’t found? It may be tempting to think […]

The Five Dollar Workday

June 11, 2013


Henry Ford, the famous Ford Motor Company founder, was known for many things. Among them was his role in promoting the assembly line as a viable means for mass-producing automobiles, a process that made cars more affordable for middle-class Americans. Ford had a global vision with consumerism as one of its centerpieces. He had an […]

How to Beat a Low Price Competitor

June 7, 2013


Every industry and every business tends to have at least a few competitors who know only one way to compete: unreasonably low pricing. These businesses undercut pricing so much that few make any profits. Unfortunately, as they go down the tubes toward oblivion, they often drag a few good companies with them. Everyone knows that […]