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Enhance Your Business Credibility

February 26, 2013


Customers have more choices than ever in today’s competitive business world. That’s why it’s so important to do everything possible to stand apart from the competition. One great way to gain a competitive edge is to increase your credibility. Here are a few tips to help you establish and enhance credibility with your prospects and […]

How To Make Yourself Memorable in 60 Seconds

February 22, 2013


We’ve all been there… You’re at a Chamber of Commerce networking meeting or a neighborhood party and meet a new person. Relatively quickly the conversation turns to what you do for a living. You respond, “I’m a (fill in your profession here).” Your new friend tries really hard to express interest and not have their […]

Increase Sales, Not Postage

February 19, 2013


If you’re looking for an easy way to get more bang for your buck on regular mailings, try inserting statement stuffers. These printed promotions can be easily slipped into an existing mailing, such as a monthly invoice or statement, without adding additional postage fees or the hassle of a separate mailing. Here are a few […]

Your $325,000 Gift

February 15, 2013


Ivy Lee was born near Cedartown, Georgia, on July 16, 1877. The son of a Methodist minister, he studied at Emory College in Atlanta before graduating from Princeton University. He went on to found a PR firm, among many other accomplishments, before becoming a management consultant. About a hundred years ago, Bethlehem Steel found itself […]

Sell with Sincerity

February 12, 2013


In a sea filled with competitive businesses, sincerity is a must if you want to get (and keep) customers. Here are a few tips to help you sell with sincerity: Sincerity is more than just a smile or a firm handshake. It can be heard in your voice, your words, and your actions. Don’t read […]

Features Tell, But Benefits Sell!

February 8, 2013


When it comes to marketing, it’s often necessary to rethink what you’re really selling. For example, rather than selling life insurance, vitamins, or digital cameras, you may really be selling peace of mind, longevity, or treasured memories. Here are a few tips to help you focus less on features and more on the benefits your […]

Lessons from the Humble Shopping Cart

February 5, 2013


In 1937, Sylvan Goldman, owner of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain, noticed that customers would stop buying more groceries when their arms got too full. He decided the solution would be to create something that would help his customers and, in turn, help him sell more groceries. Sylvan and an assistant took a wooden chair, […]