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Marketing with Email Signatures

January 29, 2013


Think about how many business emails you send each day. Now think about the email signature you’re currently using on your emails. While email signatures are commonly used as a way to identify the sender and provide important contact information, many people are missing out on the valuable opportunity to use their signature line as […]

The Secret to Selling to Someone Who’s Not (Yet) Ready to Buy

January 25, 2013


There was once a man named Charlie who sold insurance for a living. Charlie was a salt-of-the-earth kind of guy who enjoyed what he did. Charlie had a friend named Steve. Steve was in his late thirties and happily married, with a wife and two kids. Charlie and Steve would play the occasional round of […]

Lessons From the Greatest Direct Mailer of All Time

January 22, 2013


Direct mail has been a proven money maker for many years and continues to prove its worth to this day. In this age of all things digital, it’s ironic to note that many who have tired of wasting valuable time and resources with unproven tactics are once again turning to direct mail. If you’re one […]